Dr. Willie Ong explains the importance of measles vaccination

Children who suffered from measles this year reportedly climbed up to 600 cases compared to 16 cases (around 37 times more cases) last year because of the dwindling number of parents that are getting measles vaccination for their children. With the current rates of infection, recent cases of measles  can be considered a full blown epidemic. This measles outbreak will continue to plague the country if parents will still stay hesitant to vaccinate against measles.

In relation to this article, Dr. Willie Ong exposed the scary truth and the deadly consequence regarding measles if continuously neglected.

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Symptoms of Measles

1. Generalized Rashes
2. Fever
3. Cough
4. Runny Nose
5. Conjunctivitis (Red Eyes)

However, the most prominent symptom of a person suffering from measles is usually characterized by the widespread presence of rashes all over the body.


Complications from Measles:

1. Diarrhea
2. Dehydration
3. Pneumonia
4. Encephalitis (Inflammation of the Brain)
5. Blindness
6. Deafness

When the measles is ignored, it can lead to death.

How to Prevent Measles:

1. It might be helpful if you avoid people who have measles. However this may be difficult due to the growing number of cases, and the fact that asymptomatic carriers will be nearly impossible to differentiate from healthy individuals.
2. Measles vaccination

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According to Dr. Willie Ong, the measles vaccination is free from the Department of Health (DOH). In fact, the measles vaccine can be availed at any health center throughout the country.

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However, the percentage of parents who bring their children to get vaccinated against measles has declined from approximately 80 percent to 40 percent. It can be recalled that the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine might be the reason why the vast majority of parents today have lost faith in free vaccines administered by the government.

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In contrast, Dr. Willie Ong clarified that the Dengvaxia vaccine is different from the measles vaccine. Dengvaxia is a fairly new vaccine, whereas the measles vaccine has been around since the 1960’s. Together with Dr. Liza Ramoso-Ong, they encouraged all the parents to protect their children through the Measles vaccination.

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Kaso ng TIGDAS : Dagsa na!

Parang Awa Nyo Na! (Paki-Share at TAG ang magulang)Pabakunahan sa Tigdas si Baby.Safe ang bakuna sa Tigdas.Umabot sa halos 600 na ang kaso ng Tigdas ngayong 2018.Dati ay 16 na kaso lang.Marami na ring ang NAMAMATAY na bata.Dati rati 80% ng magulang pinapabakuna si Baby, Ngayon ay parang 40% na lang ang nag pabakuna. Kaya ayan, may EPIDEMIC tayo ng Tigdas. At kakalat pa iyan sa buong bansa.Ito'y dahil AYAW nang magpabakuna ng magulang.Kaya pakiusap ko sa inyo:I-Ligtas natin ang buhay ng anak ninyo.PABAKUNAHAN na si Baby sa Health Centers.Mula edad 6-9 months pataas, dalhin si Baby para malaman ang tamang bakuna.Mas LILIIT ang tsansa na tamaan si baby sa tigdas kung may bakuna. Panoorin ang Video:

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Do you want to protect your child against measles? If yes, will you consider following the healthy tips said by Dr. Willie Ong about measles? Are you convinced now regarding the importance of measles vaccination? Let your voice be heard by shariny your thoughts in the comment section below! Don’t forget to keep updated!


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