Here’s how your flat feet can cause body and joint aches

Are you always complaining of unexplained body aches? Do you find yourself suffering from joint aches with no apparent cause? If so, then you might have flat feet. Today, trusted specialist Dr. Willie Ong will teach us everything we need to know about this lesser-known condition.

Oftentimes, many people don’t even know that they have flat feet. There’s a simple way to determine if you are flat-footed. According to Dr. Willie Ong, who is also flat-footed himself, you can find out by performing this test that won’t even take a minute.

First, lay your foot on the ground. This way, you are in the most optimal position to observe your feet. Next, take note of how your sole touches the ground. Normal feet have natural arches on the sole, therefore, you will have a bit of space between the ground and your foot. However, if you have flat feet, your sole will completely touch the ground.



Based on Dr. Willie’s informational video, having flat feet is known to cause several health problems:

1. First, you can suffer from joint pains especially in your feet. This affects the arch and ankles of your feet since there is an imbalance.

2. It can also cause knee and joint problems since there’s no natural arch and the muscles are not properly aligned to support the body when you stand up.

3. Since your posture is also affected, you might find yourself suffering from occasional back and shoulder pain.

If you have flat feet, don’t worry because we got your back! Dr. Willie Ong will provide several helpful exercises that can help correct flat feet. Aside from this, he will also advise us on the right footwear to use.





This time, it’s better to hear these solutions straight from our trusted doctor’s mouth so check out his video below:

Masakit Paa, Tuhod at Likod : Dahil sa Flat Feet

Promise. LAKING Tulong itong Video. (Aralin niyo maigi po.)Masakit Paa, Tuhod at Likod : Dahil sa Flat FeetPayo ni Doc Willie Ong 1. Maraming tao ang may Flat Feet pero hindi nila alam. Dahil dito sumasakit ang paa, tuhod at likod nila. 2. May mga ehersisyo para malunasan ang flat feet.3. May angkop na sapatos, rubber shoes at suelas na bagay sa flat feet.IPAALAM niyo po itong video sa KAIBIGAN ninyo. Para mapanood din nila ito at maka-GINHAWA sa kanila. God bless po.

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Thursday, December 21, 2017


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