Dr. Willie Ong shares with us the first-aid treatment for rabies

Here's the first-aid treatment you should do if you get bitten by a rabid dog or cat.

According to a Facebook post by Dr. Willie Ong, 600 Filipinos die of rabies every year, while 100,000 get themselves vaccinated against it.

Because the deadly virus can be found in the saliva and urine of dogs, cats, rats, and even bats, people usually find themselves exposed to the risk of contracting it. Symptoms would take three to eight weeks before manifesting, and includes numbness around the wounded area, fever, and uncontrollable salivating, among others.

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Below is the first-aid treatment suggested by Dr. Willie Ong:

  1. Wash the affected part with soap and water within 10 minutes.
  2. Apply povidone iodine to the wounded area. Do not apply any ointment or cover it too tightly.
  3. Do not put garlic, vinegar, or toothpaste on the wound as this may cause a tetanus infection.
  4. Bring the patient to a hospital (such as the San Larazo Hospital or RITM) immediately.
  5. Capture the dog and observe it for 10 days. If it shows any signs of being rabid, bring it to the nearest hospital so that it may be examined.
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Here are some tips to avoid being infected with rabies:

  1. Get your dog anti-rabies shots every year.
  2. Keep your dogs on a leash.
  3. Report stray dogs to the authorities.
  4. Always bring an umbrella to fight off rabid dogs on the streets.
  5. Do not let your kids play with dogs or similar animals which may have rabies.
  6. Do not disturb your pets when eating, sleeping, or nursing their young.
  7. Do not let animals lick your open wound.
  8. Get yourself vaccinated against rabies.

NOTE: The health tips on this website are based on articles published in books, periodicals and various social media sites by Doctor Willie Ong. We believe and fully support the good intentions of our ‘Doktor ng Bayan.’

(Ang health tips sa website na ito ay hango sa mga artikulong nailathala sa libro, dyaryo, at iba-ibang social media sites ng tanyag na doktor na si Doc Willie Ong. Kami ay naniniwala at sumusuporta sa mabuting hangarin ng ating Doktor ng Bayan.)

What can you say about these first-aid tips against rabies from Dr. Willie Ong? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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