Trouble sleeping? Dr. Willie Ong shares these tips on how to sleep better

Find out how you can get proper sleep by following these simple rules

Whether you’re a college student cramming your projects, a single adult partying at a club, or an office worker clocking in some overtime – there’s one thing you all have in common: a lack of sleep. However, not everyone who’s busy at night loses sleep. Everyone’s experienced that one evening where they simply can’t fall asleep. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where you just can’t sleep, Dr. Willie T. Ong has the following tips that you can use to give you those long hours of sleep that you truly deserve!

Check out what the good doctor has to say about this below!

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For starters, here are the basic tips!
Maintain a regular sleep and wake schedule so you can go to sleep at the right time.

Maintain a regular healthy diet.

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Establish an exercise schedule.

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Avoid or at least minimize the use of coffee or other caffeinated drinks especially in the afternoon.

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Avoid alcohol as it will help you doze off but it increases early morning awakenings, and avoid smoking.

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That’s not all though! Dr. Willie Ong has other tips that can help you with those pesky sleep problems that you’re struggling with.

  1. No Mental work after 6 pm and avoid working and planning at night.
  2. Don’t schedule an early morning meeting, these early meetings will make it harder for you to sleep at night. Also, turn the clocks around when you sleep to lessen the pressure.
  3. Make your bedroom comfier. Consider darker curtains and air conditioning in your rooms. You can also use earplugs and eye covers to remove those distractions.
  4. Invest in a good mattress, comfortable pillows, and blankets.
  5. Give yourself a light snack like a banana that’s full of tryptophan or a warm drink like chamomile tea to help you relax.
  6.  Go for supplements like melatonin supplements that helps you sleep and gives you antioxidants on the side. Dr. Ong doesn’t recommend sleeping pills as they can be habit-forming.
  7. Make your body tired physically and avoid taking a nap in the afternoon.
  8. Meditate, music, massage, or whatever you need to relax at night. If you still can’t sleep, just lie down and your muscles will still be relaxed
  9. Count blessings, not sheep.
  10. Offer your problems God – meaning take the time to pray every night.

Check out this informative video for more info:

There you go! Just follow the doctor’s advice and you’ll be heading off to snoozeville in no time!

The health tips on this website are based on articles published in books, periodicals and various social media sites by Doctor Willie Ong. We believe and fully support the good intentions of our ‘Doktor ng Bayan.’

Ang health tips sa website na ito ay hango sa mga artikulong nailathala sa libro, dyaryo, at iba-ibang social media sites ng tanyag na doktor na si Doc Willie Ong. Kami ay naniniwala at sumusuporta sa mabuting hangarin ng ating Doktor ng Bayan.

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