Dr. Willie Ong discusses the early warning signs of liver damage

Here are the symptoms you should watch out for if you suspect you might be having liver problems.

In another health video by Dr. Willie Ong, the Doktor ng Bayan discussed in detail the signs and symptoms we should watch out for if we suspect that we might be having liver problems or liver damage.

According to the doctor, the liver is the largest internal organ in the human body. Its functions include removing toxins from our body and producing proteins needed for blood clotting, among others.

If it gets damaged, it may lead to cirrhosis, which is the scarring of the organ’s tissues. According to Dr. Ong, this condition can be very hard to treat, especially when it has already progressed to a more advanced stage. Liver cirrhosis can eventually cause the organ to fail, thereby causing death.

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Here are the symptoms you should watch out for if you suspect that you may be having liver problems or liver damage:

1. Frequent forming of bruises on your body
2. Fatigue and weakness
3. Vomiting, loss of appetite, and lethargy
4. Water retention leading to a swollen face, swollen fingers, and a bloated tummy
5. Sharp pain in the right upper quadrant of the stomach
6. Jaundice or yellowing of the eyes and skin; brown-colored urine
7. Drastic changes in mood, behavior, and sleeping patterns
8. Palmar erythema or reddening of the skin the palms

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If you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, Dr. Willie Ong suggests seeing a doctor. Getting the necessary tests is also important to confirm whether or not there really is damage to the liver already.

To know how to take care of your liver properly, watch his comprehensive discussion here:


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