Dr. Willie Ong shares these tips on how you can cure or prevent a clogged heart and arteries

Having a clogged heart and arteries are no joke, which is why Dr. Willie Ong has these tips that can help you cure or prevent these conditions. The secret to a long and happy life is regular maintenance and our “Doktor ng Bayan” has your back.

One of the main reasons for the condition is stress, something that just about anyone can get from their job. The good doctor enumerated people like lawyers and politicians are people who handle a great load of stress. Because of that, they are quite susceptible to clogs in their arteries.

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Here are the tips that Dr. Willie Ong can give to people with clogged arteries and for those who would like to make sure that it never happens.

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1. Stop smoking – According to the doctor, smoking is the number one cause of clogs. It destroys arteries and even if you’re only a person who takes 2 to 3 sticks a day, that’s already a bad situation for your body.

2. Control Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – Diabetic people have higher chances of having clogged arteries because your body, like a car, can overheat because of the high sugar content. High Blood Pressure means that your blood flows rapidly which could make cuts and abrasions in the arteries which could lead to the same ordeal.

3. Alleviate your stress – Stress and long sleepless nights are one of the major factors. In some cases, people who had stressful jobs become healthier after a changing their careers.

4 Exercise – Especially for those younger people and those without any problems yet, exercise can help prevent these clogs as it could soften and loosen up your arteries to make it stronger. Walk, jog, or even clean the house, whatever makes you sweat is good for you. Just remember to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to make sure that you are as hydrated as you can be.

5.Change your diet

Here are some foods that could help lessen the clogging in your arteries.

– Green leafy vegetables like kangkong, talbos ng kamote, malunggay, pechay, and broccoli
– Orange and red veggies like carrots, squash, and tomatoes.
– Garlic, just make sure that you don’t burn it.
– Ginger or salabat, packed with gingerols and shogaols, which could lessen cholesterol and give you lots of antioxidants.
– Fish (preferably 2-3 times a week)
– Oatmeal, packed with soluble fiber, it’s a great way to lessen your cholesterol.

Here are the foods that the doctor recommends for you to avoid.

– Fast food, especially just about anything deep fried
– Sweets
– Salty food

The doctor also recommends taking out  or at least lessening the intake of oil. You could also steam or grill your food.

The doctor recommends the following medicine for high blood and cholesterol:
– Statins like atorvastatin.
– Losartan
– Amlodipine

For Diabetes:
– Gliclazide
– Metformin
– Insulin

The doctor also recommends aspirin for those with thick blood.

For those in the late stages of the condtion, the doctor recommends undergoing an angioplasty.

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You can watch the full video right here:

Pang-Alis ng Bara sa Puso at Ugat – Payo ni Doc Willie Ong

Pang-Alis ng Bara sa Puso at Ugat : Natural na ParaanPayo ni Doc Willie OngLive sa Magsaysay Park Davao.1. Baguhin ang pagkain. Piliin ang berdeng gulay tulad ng kangkong, talbos, pechay at malunggay. 2. Tigil ang sigarilyo.3. Iwas puyat at stress.4. Gamutin ang high blood at diabetes.Panoorin ang Video.

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