How to find out if you have mass in your breast and what to do

Payo ni Dr Willie Ong

Have you ever examined your breast before? Well, if you haven’t, Dr. Willie Ong is here to teach you on how you can do it yourself and what to do if you ever find something that shouldn’t be there.

Breast mass or bukol sa suso is no laughing matter. Whether it’s benign or cancerous, it’s something that should not be neglected and should be taken care of right away.

According to the doctor, usually, a mass requires operation if it’s any of the following:

1. If the mass is big.
2. If based on the ultrasound or mammogram, the mass could be bad or cancerous.
3. If the patient has a family history of cancer.


Breast examination:

Dr. Willie Ong recommends having it examined personally every month.


The doctor said that it should be done sitting up, standing up, and lying down for about 15-20 minutes using 2 fingers to scan the breast properly.

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If you already have a mass but you don’t have money for a checkup, here’s what you can do.
– You can go to a government hospital or a Local Government Unit checkup facility.
– You can also go to a charity OPD.

The doctor also recommends getting a PhilHealth to lessen the cost of your medical bill. PhilHealth is free for people who are less fortunate so it is advisable for them to get one.

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A mass could also be malignant or cancerous. Fortunately, breast cancer can be cured when discovered early. Of course, the doctor also suggests getting a second opinion if the patient has any doubts regarding the diagnosis. He also discourages resorting to so-called “natural medicines” and the like as taking out the mass is still the best course of action.


How much would the operation cost? The doctor said that it would depend on a case to case basis. He also said that based on his experiences, it usually costs from about Php 5,000 to 20,000 which includes the Mammogram and Ultrasound, medical clearance (blood test, ECG, and chest x-ray), hospital cost, and PhilHealth.

After the operation, there are 2 possibilities.
If it’s benign
– you’re cured!

If it’s cancer (depending on the stage)
– you should ask for your doctor’s advice if there’s chemotherapy or other procedures to be done.

The doctor advises everyone to not delay an operation as it could lead to worse circumstances. He also said that people with the mass should not be scared of the operation and should think about their family and themselves.

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