You will start eating corn right after finding out its health benefits

Corn is a healthy grain that is known worldwide for its versatility. This vegetable can serve as an alternative for rice, it can be cooked in healthy dishes, and it can also be a yummy dessert. Aside from being an all-around grain, did you know that it’s also abundant in health benefits?

Today, let trusted doctor Dr. Liza Ong show you the health benefits of this popular grain. In her informational video shared on Facebook, Dr. Liza Ong enumerated the various ways you can enjoy corn. You can eat it as popcorn, boiled, and now in summer, we can ward off the heat by eating “mais con yelo.”

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Aside from being a tasty snack, corn also provides us a lot of health benefits. According to Dr. Liza, this healthy grain is rich in carbohydrates, protein, and pro-vitamin A.

If you are experiencing mild abdominal discomfort due to dyspepsia or any other stomach issues, then simply eat corn for relief. This is effective since this grain is abundant in fiber, which aids digestion and other intestinal problems. Moreover, if you are suffering from constipation and irregular bowel movements, corn can also help set the problem straight.

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Furthermore, people who are suffering from chronic kidney disease can rely on corn as a good source of protein. Since it contains so many nutrients, growing children are advised to eat corn as well. It’s also a good alternative to rice or bread for you people on a diet. It happens to be a very diverse crop that can fight off one of the worst symptoms of third-world poverty: malnutrition.

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For more details, check out Dr. Liza Ong’s video below:

Mais (Corn): Mabuti sa Tiyan, Mata at Pampalakas

Live from DavaoMais (Corn): Mabuti sa Tiyan, Mata at PampalakasPayo ni Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong1. Mataas sa fiber kaya maganda sa makulo ang tiyan at para mag regular ang pagdumi.2. Pwede sa sakit sa bato o kidneys dahil ligtas ang protina ng mais.3. Masustansya para sa bata, malinaw na mata at pampalakas.Panoorin ang Video.

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Thursday, April 19, 2018

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