Useful tips on how to regulate women’s irregular menstruation

Based on statistics, about 30 percent of women all over the world suffer from irregular menstruation. What is this condition and what can women do to avoid it? Find out everything you need to know about an irregular period with the help of our trusted doctor, Dr. Liza Ong.

Although menstruation widely varies for women all over the world, there are certain standards to know if your period is normal. According to trusted doctor Dr. Liza Ong, a healthy woman experiences menstruation after a period of 21 to 35 days, and experiences the bleeding within three to seven days. This occurs when the woman’s uterus shed its lining, thus resulting in the falling-out of blood and tissues.

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If you ladies discover that your ‘flow’ has increased or decreased, the flow lasts for more than 7 days, skipped a month or two before having your period again, then this might mean that you have irregular menstruation. If you are experiencing an irregular period, don’t worry because Dr. Liza Ong will tell us everything we need to know about this condition.

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According to the trusted doctor, there are several factors that can cause irregular period in women:

  1. Presence of cysts in the ovaries and/r an abnormal tissue growth in the uterus known as polyps.
  2. If a woman is taking medications for depression and other mental health related medication, then there’s also a high chance that she will experience irregular period due to the drugs.
  3. If you are working a graveyard shift, this will cause your body to be confused, thus disrupting your normal flow.
  4. Excessive exercise and stress can also cause irregular menstruation.
  5. 48 to 55 year old women may experience menopause which is also a factor to consider
  6. Nutritional deficiency as well as hormonal imbalances
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If you find yourself enduring irregular period, Dr. Liza Ong advised seeking consultation with a reliable OB-Gynecologist. For more details, watch Dr. Ong’s entire video below:

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