Doc Willie Ong shares simple exercises to relieve hip and back pain

Have you ever experienced insufferable pain in your hips or back? There might be a lot of reasons why you feel these things — maybe you have been sitting for long hours, maybe you pinched a nerve in your leg, or a myriad of other possible reasons. Doc Willie Ong shares some tips on how to ease these kinds of pain.

Most of us would automatically think of getting a script and downing pain killers to instantly ease the pain! However, medical expert Doc Willie Ong dissuades us from using too many pain relievers, as there are more natural ways on how to release pain, no matter how insufferable it may seem. Prolonged use of pain killers or pain relievers can be detrimental to your health.

According to Doc Willie Ong, here are better alternatives to downing pain relievers whenever you feel intense pain in your hips and back:



Exercises and Stretches

Follow these exercises and stretches for the back as shown by Doc Liza Ramoso-Ong. The stronger your back muscle are, the less they will ache.












Of course, regularly doing yoga prevents the body from experiencing such pains. It keeps the body healthy and limber by keeping your blood pressure low, it also helps with sleeping problems like insomnia.


In the video below, Doc Liza Ong further demonstrates stretching positions that are best for relieving pain in the back and hips.



The health tips on this website are based on articles published in books, periodicals and various social media sites by Doctor Willie Ong. We believe and fully support the good intentions of our ‘Doktor ng Bayan.’


Have you experienced intolerable pain in your hips and back? Why do you think caused it? How did you deal with the pain — did you take pain killers, or did you exercise the pain away? Let your voice be heard by sharing your stories and thoughts in the comments section below!



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