Here’s how carrying a bottle of 70% alcohol in your bag can save your life

Deadly germs and infectious viruses loom everywhere; just biding their time to strike a host. But did you know that there is a simple and inexpensive way to avoid them? Today, let the trusted “Doktor ng Bayan” Dr. Willie Ong show us the importance of using 70% alcohol on a daily basis.

Did you know that you can avoid a lot of health problems just by keeping a bottle of 70% alcohol in your bag? Although washing your hands is effective at getting rid of visible dirt, it is not enough to remove the harmful germs deep in your skin.  Applying alcohol is a reliable way to eliminate bacteria and viruses not seen by the naked eye.

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In his informational Facebook post, Dr. Willie Ong advised using 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to effectively disinfect your hands. Make a habit of using this after every restroom trip, after holding dirty or soiled objects, and after shaking hands with people at gatherings.

In case you’re not convinced, hear what infectious disease experts have to say on this matter. Based on Dr. Willie Ong’s post, here are two of the most common sickness we can contract from dirty hands:

1. Cough and colds

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The virus which causes coughs and the common cold can be easily passed through direct contact. Children are more susceptible to this since they interact with various children throughout the day.

2. Sore eyes

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Like common colds, the virus which triggers sore eyes is highly-infectious. If you know someone who is infected, avoid direct contact as much as possible.

Now that you know the benefits of carrying a bottle of 70% alcohol in your bag, keep one with you wherever you go! Disinfecting your hands won’t even take a minute, but it can save you from a lot of trouble.

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Disclaimer: The health tips on this website are based on articles published in books, periodicals and various social media sites by Doctor Willie Ong. We believe and fully support the good intentions of our ‘Doktor ng Bayan.’

Paalala:  Ang health tips sa website na ito ay hango sa mga artikulong nailathala sa libro, dyaryo, at iba-ibang social media sites ng tanyag na doktor na si Doc Willie Ong. Kami ay naniniwala at sumusuporta sa mabuting hangarin ng ating Doktor ng Bayan.


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