Find out what is healthier for your body: fish or red meat?

Meat is an excellent source of nutrients needed by our body, especially protein. It is essential in any diet since protein helps build our muscles and repair our tissues. But what is the best source of protein? Today, Dr. Willie Ong will show us the healthier option between fish and red meat.

In his informational Facebook video, our trusted Doktor ng Bayan listed the important foods we should consume on a daily basis. The good doctor mentioned that a balanced diet can be found in a very elementary and familiar symbol: the food pyramid. Dr. Ong says that we need a fair amount of carbohydrates in the form of rice or bread; nutrients from fruits and vegetables, proteins from fish and then meat.


However, there are various sources of protein such as meat, beans, and fish. How do we know which of them is the most beneficial to our body? According to Dr. Willie Ong, fish is actually healthier than its meat counterpart. Find out why below.


Some processed meat such as salami, bacon, or hotdog have been proven to be carcinogens–meaning they can potentially cause cancer. Aside from this, Dr. Ong also disproved the circulating news that bacon is actually healthier than tilapia. As a matter of fact, consuming too much bacon can cause colorectal cancer. The same also goes for pork and beef,

Meanwhile, Dr. Ong stressed that fish is safer for consumtion than meat. Furthermore, the nutrients found in fish are actually good for the heart, brain, and the body. Since they are the most common types of fish in the Philippines, Dr. Willie Ong advised consuming tilapia or bangus (milkfish) two to three times a week.


Now that you know, be sure to include fish in your diet. It’s affordable, easy to cook, and best of all, healthy! For reference, please check out Dr. Willie Ong’s video below:

Isda Versus Karne (Baboy at Baka): Ano Pampahaba ng Buhay?

Isda Versus Karne (Baboy at Baka): Ano Pampahaba ng Buhay? (I-share at tag a friend.)Payo ni Doc Willie Ong1. Ang Bangus at Isda ay masustansya. Mabuti para sa puso, utak, arthritis at katawan. Kumain ng 2-3 beses kada lingo ng isda.2. Mas piliin ang luto ng Bangus na sinigang, paksiw at inihaw. Bawasan ang prito at mantika.Panoorin ang Video:

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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