Willie of Colors: Choosing the color of food for better health

Did you know that the color of foods we eat have a corresponding connections to various health benefits?

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Curious about this? Renowned medical expert Dr. Willie Ong, our beloved Doktor ng Bayan,  has you covered. Take time to read about the Willie Of Colors below!

1. White Foods for Immune Support. ― Whenever you eat foods that are color white such as mushrooms, cauliflower,  and bananas, they are said to be good for our immune system.
2. Green Foods for Detoxification. ― Green-leafy vegetables like bitter gourd,  spinach, and kale can help flush out the toxin in our bodies.
3. Yellow Foods for Beauty. ― Eating corn and pineapple can be very effective natural ways of maintaining healthy glowing skin, as well as a properly functioning vision.
4. Orange Foods for Cancer Prevention. ― The anticarcinogenic properties of carrots,  pumpkin, and tomatoes can help prevent the development of various types of cancer.
5. Red Foods for Heart Health. ― Apples, strawberries, and tomatoes are believed to improve heart health.
6. Purple Foods for Longevity. ― As previously stated,  eggplant, blueberries, and yam can add more years to your life expectancy.

Dr. Willie Ong emphasized the importance of eating a balanced diet in order to optimize the full health benefits of these foods of color to our human body. Don’t just eat a certain color of food all the time.

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via facebook.com/DocWillieOngOfficial


Aside from the colors of the food, the Doktor ng Bayan also explained the direct connection of colors to our emotions.

1. RED. ― The color red increases heart rate and breathing. The bright and warm red evokes strong emotion.
2. YELLOW. ― The color yellow enhances concentration and whilst it is often perceived as the cheeriest of all the colors.
3. ORANGE. ― The color orange increases energy levels and promotes the feeling of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth.
4. BLUE. ― The color blue promotes calm and serenity. and people have been shown to be more productive in a blue room.
5. GREEN. ― The color green symbolizes nature and represents tranquility, good luck, health, and jealousy.
6. PINK. ― The color pink has a calming effect and it is even used in some penal institutions to help calm incarcerated people.
7. WHITE. ―The color white symbolizes the pure and innocent. The white can create a sense of space and is great for highlighting.
8. PURPLE. ―The color purple symbolizes royalty and wealth and so if you’re looking to create a luxurious environment, purple is the color.

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Kulay ng Pagkain at Kalusugan : Payo ni Dr Willie Ong

Ikaw, Ano Paboritong Kulay Mo?Kulay Mo, Kalusugan MoPayo ni Dr Willie Ong1. Kumain ng masustansya at makulay na pagkain. 2. Berdeng gulay tulad ng kangkong, talbos, malunggay para sa tiyan.3. Orange na pagkain tulad ng carrots, kalabasa, kamatis para iwas kanser.4. Pulang pagkain tulad ng mansanas, ubas, strawberry para sa puso.PANOORIN ang VIDEO:

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