10 things to do when you have fever

Every one of us have probably experienced having a fever. In fact, it is normal for an average human being to have a fever at least thrice a year. In most cases, flu, cold, and cough are the common causes of abnormally high body temperature.

While having a fever makes you feel unwell and weak, it actually has some few benefits on the body. This is because the high temperature that is associated with fever helps fight infection!

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Today, renowned medical expert Dr. Willie Ong will tell you the things that you should keep in mind when you have a fever.

  1. Confirm that you really have a fever. Be aware that the temperature of the body changes from time to time, depending on the kind of activity you are into. Normally, a person who is feverish has a body temperature of more than 37.8 degrees Centigrade.

2. Check your body temperature using your hands. In case you do not have a thermometer, the most convenient way to check your body temperature is to use the back of your hand and then lay it on your forehead or neck. Interestingly, the skin at the back of the hand is more sensitive than any other part of the body.

3. Drink 8 to 12 glasses of fluid every day. Water is very much recommended but drinking fruit juices are also advisable. Drinking plenty of water helps lower the body temperature.

4. Wipe your groin, underarm, neck with a wet towel. Let the water evaporate on your skin to allow the body to cool. Doing this gives the patient a refreshing feeling.

5. Wear comfortable clothes. Do not wrap your body with thick blanket or jacket because doing this can only increase body temperature.

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6. Keep your room well-ventilated. Fresh air can help with your oxygen flow so it would be best to open your windows to let air in. If you have aircon or electric fan, use it.

7. Eat healthy food. When you are sick, your body needs the energy to fight the disease. Eating fruits, vegetables, and porridge is good for the body especially for those who have a fever.

8. Sleep and proper rest. It helps you regain the energy that you need.

9. Take a medicine. If your body temperature is more than 38.5 degrees Centigrade then you can already take Paracetamol tablet or syrup every four hours a day.

10. Consult a doctor. If your body temperature is already 39-degree centigrade and you have been having a fever for three days, it might be time for you to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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via facebook.com/DocWillieOngOfficial

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