Always feeling dizzy? You might be suffering from vertigo

Do you always find yourself getting dizzy throughout the day? If you often feel lightheaded, accompanied by a loss of hearing, then you might be suffering from a lesser known medical condition known as vertigo. Today, our trusted Doktor ng Bayan will teach us everything we need to know about this condition.

According to Dr. Willie Ong, this medical condition starts with your ears, particularly your inner ear. Vertigo affects the nerves connecting the ear to the brain, creating problems in hearing, balance, and even vision.

Dr. Willie also shared that vertigo can sometimes come from a cold or flu. Sometimes, vertigo manifests as a severe headache that can last for two to three weeks.

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If you find yourself suffering from any of the symptoms stated above, then don’t worry because Dr. Willie Ong has graciously provided a handful of ways to ease your suffering. Check them out below!

1. The best thing to do is to do to alleviate the dizziness is to lie down for a while. This will help your body relax as well.

2. If the dizziness isn’t too severe, get your body moving by exercising. Even a simple walk can do the trick.

3. Most of the time, jerky or sudden movements will cause dizziness and a momentary loss of vision. To prevent this, try moving and switching positions slowly.

4. If the dizziness was caused by suddenly standing, massage your thighs and feet to bring circulation back to your legs.

5. Grabbing a hold of something stable can also do the trick. Placing handholds in your bathroom is a must.

6. Avoid wearing high heels and resort to wearing comfortable flat shoes in the meantime. This way, the chances of tripping are lowered.

7. Carry a flashlight around when walking in the dark to get a better view of your surroundings.

8. The next thing to watch out for is walking on thick carpets. Thick carpets make it harder for the body to find your balance, so avoid it at all costs.

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9. Cut down on salt. A salty diet can lead to more water being stored in your ears, which can cause problems later on.

10. Drinking ginger tea or salabat can help alleviate symptoms of dizziness.

11. Drinking 25 mg meclizine tablets such as dizitab or bonamine can have a similar effect to drinking salabat.

12. Always drink a sufficient amount of water to prevent dehydration, which can then lead to lower blood pressure.

13. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

14. Be mindful of any maintenance medicine that you are taking. Some of them have dizziness as a side effect. Consult your doctor for any questions.

15. Practice deep breathing exercises. This will help you relax and will greatly diminish your stress.

16. Get enough sleep. Seven to eight hours should suffice.

17. Pressing an acupressure point located between the eyes can help alleviate symptoms of vertigo.

For more details, check out this comprehensive list below from Dr. Willie Ong’s Facebook page:

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via facebook.com/DocWillieOngOfficial

Disclaimer: Ang health tips sa website na ito ay hango sa mga artikulong nailathala sa libro, dyaryo, at iba-ibang social media sites ng tanyag na doktor na si Doc Willie Ong. Kami ay naniniwala at sumusuporta sa mabuting hangarin ng ating Doktor ng Bayan.

The health tips on this website are based on articles published in books, periodicals and various social media sites by Doctor Willie Ong. We believe and fully support the good intentions of our Doktor ng Bayan.

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