Get rid of singaw or canker sores with these five steps

Have you ever had canker sores in your mouth? More commonly known as singaw in the Philippines, these painful sores manifests in the mouth and can last up to weeks. Although they rarely lead to any serious medical condition, they can be a cause of inconvenience and pain.

Canker sores can make it difficult for a person to taste, chew, swallow, and even talk. According to Dr. Liza Ong, canker sores or singaw occur when you accidentally bit your cheek or lips, when your dental device is not fitted well, or when you suffer a burn.

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Now that we know about its causes, let’s move on to the cure. What is the best remedy for canker sores? Our trusted doctor provided several tips that can help us when we encounter these painful sores:

1. Avoid eating citrus fruits such as calamansi or lemon, for this will only aggravate the sores, making them more painful. The same also goes for sour food such as vinegar.

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2. Search for an over-the-counter dental paste and apply it to the affected area three to five times a day. This will lessen the soreness, thus also relieving the pain.

3. Avoid eating hard foods, instead, try eating yogurt, which is rich with good bacteria. In addition to this, always make sure that you are properly hydrated to keep your mouth from becoming too dry.

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4. You will have trouble eating, but you can still make up for the lost nutrients by taking multivitamins. This will ensure that your body is still getting a sufficient amount of nutrients.

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5. Since canker sores are sometimes attributed with tonsillitis or a sore throat, consult with your doctor first if you can take antibiotics.

For more information, check out Dr. Liza Ong’s video about singaw below:

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