Tips for students who don’t want to go to school

“Education is the key to success”, this is the golden saying that we all have grown up to know. However, we cannot deny the sad reality that there are many students who don’t like to go to school nowadays. In most cases cutting classes, absenteeism, and truancy are the most common factors as to why there is an increase in the number of out-of-school youth every year.

According to our beloved “Doktor ng Bayan”, Dr. Willie Ong, our lives mainly revolve around two important principles: Pain and Pleasure.

Mother consoling daughter on first day at school, the kid being a bit afraid of what may lay ahead

For most kids, they simply want pleasure. This is the reason why they choose to skip their classes and spend their vacant time outside the school campus. They tend to believe that doing these gives them joy and satisfaction. However, they fail to realize whether their actions will be beneficial or just be harmful for their future.

We all know that our actions in the present have corresponding consequences in the future. Sadly, most of these students who skip their classes get failing grades and are highly likely to suffer from difficulties in life, such as having a hard time finding a job.

To avoid having regrets in the future, here are some pieces of advice from our good doctor and his loving wife Dr. Liza Ramoso. 

  1. Think ahead and plan for your future.
  2. Motivate yourself to go to school even if it is painful for now.  Sooner or later it will give you pleasure in life.
  3. If you don’t want to go to school, then it would be better for you to stay at home and help your parents in doing household chores.

Watch this informative video below:

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