Piriformis Syndrome: What causes body pain and how to treat them?

Body pain can be considered as the ultimate “sakit ng bayan” or “people’s illness”. Everyone would agree that for once in their lives they’ve experienced severe pain in their back, hips, feet, legs, and thighs. The main cause of this health condition is due to a certain nerve in the lower back of the body that got compressed due to various activities that we usually do. Today, our beloved “Doktor ng Bayan”,  Dr. Willie Ong will discuss the causes and the proper treatment to help you ease the pain in the certain areas of your body.

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According to our good doctor, body pain usually occurs because of a condition called Piriformis Syndrome. This condition refers to the hardening of the muscle near your buttocks which affects the sciatic nerves. This will then signal the body to feel weakness, numbness, tingling, and pain in your legs, thighs, and feet.

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Common causes of Piriformis Syndrome are:

  1. Sitting for a long period of time – When a person has been sitting for many hours, there is a tendency that the piriformis muscle and the sciatic nerves are being compressed. That is why people who are used to working for hours in the office and drivers those who are driving for a long period of time are mostly to suffer from body pain.

TIP: Make sure that the chair that you are using in the office or in your car is soft to keep you from having body ache. You can also bring a cushion if you want.

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2. Sitting with a large wallet in your back pocket – Piriformis Syndrome is also known as the “Fat Wallet Syndrome.” It is a condition which occurs when you place your “thick” wallet in the back pocket of your pants. Doing aggravates the possibility that you might suffer from body ache.

TIP: If possible, use a thin wallet or a coin purse that you can place in the side pocket of your pants. This will not only keep you from having body pain but, it will also save you from pickpockets.

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Here are some tips that you should take into consideration, if you want to ease the pain in your body:

  1. Massage therapy – Massages help relax the body and also softens the piriformis muscle.
  2. Body stretching – There are two types of stretches that you could do every day.
  • Gluteal stretch – While lying down, gently pull your right knee and point it to the left side of your shoulder for 15 seconds. Do this for both sides. Doing this can help stretch the piriformis muscle and loosen the compressed sciatic nerves.
  • Piriformis stretch – While lying down, rest the ankle of your right leg over the knee of your left leg. Then, gently pull your left thigh towards your chest. Do this for both sides for 15 seconds.

Watch this informative video below:

Sakit at Manhid sa Paa, Binti, Balakang: Mag-Stretch at Pitaka sa Harap Payo ni Doc Willie Ong

Bawal ang Makapal na Wallet.Paki-Share at Tag.Sakit at Manhid sa Paa, Binti, Balakang: Mag-StretchPayo ni Doc Willie OngPara malunasan ang Piriformis Syndrome (similar to Sciatica) 1. Puwede magmanhid at sumakit ang paa at binti dahil sa pagkaipit ng sciatic nerve sa may puwit.2. Kapag makapal ang wallet (fat wallet syndrome), puwede maipit ang nerve. 3. Alamin ang stretch para malunasan ito. Panoorin ang Video:

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