Pregnancy Tips: Healthy tips that you should consider if you’re pregnant

Pregnancy is the start of an incredible journey for a woman. For nine months, they are responsible for making sure that the baby inside their womb is safe and sound.

Today, renowned medical expert Dr. Liza Ramoso-Ong will discuss some important things that you should keep in mind if you are pregnant.

On her vlog, the good doctor cited these six important tips to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy:

  1. Eat healthy food that are rich in Folic acid. The infant needs folic acid to avoid the risk of having a mental illness and other health complications that might affect their spinal cord, nerves, and veins. Folic acid is usually prescribed by the Ob-Gyne. Aside from that, you could also obtain it by eating banana, peanut butter, corn flakes, green bean, green peas, and orange juice.

2. Avoid smoking and drinking hard beverages.  Doing these could cause possible complications for your baby.

3. Don’t take medicines that are not prescribed by your doctor. To avoid complications, consult your Ob-Gyne first.

4. Keep yourself healthy and fit by maintaining a regular weight. A regular pre-natal checkup with your doctpr is necessary to check your weight and the growth of your baby.

5. Regular check up with an obgyn. The moment you know that you are already pregnant, immediately consult a doctor about it.

6. Practice family planning. If possible, try to keep a three-year interval between your pregnancies  to allow yourself to recover from the stress of giving birth. This will also give you a time to focus on raising your child.

We hope and pray that you will all have a  safe pregnancy!

Watch the full video below for more information:

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