Having a hard time getting to sleep? Dr. Willie shares effective sleeping tips

Getting enough sleep plays an integral part in keeping our bodies healthy. As matter of fact, sleep deprivation can lead to higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar levels. To help people who are having a hard time getting enough sleep, as well those who find it difficult to fall asleep, renowned medical expert Dr. Willie Ong, our respected Doktor ng Bayan, shared effective sleeping tips below.


1. Tire yourself out

Engaging in various physical activities can help you to fall asleep faster.

2. Avoid napping

Napping will modify your sleep routine during nighttime.

3. Walk

Try to walk before going to sleep to get better sleep.

4. Eat bananas and drink tea

Bananas contain serotonin, which regulates sleep. Also, try drinking chamomile tea, which promotes better sleep.

5. Improve your sleeping environment

Always keep in mind that silent and comfortable surroundings means better sleep.

6. Don’t look at the clock

As much as possible, stop looking at your clock during bedtime. In fact, it will only make you more time conscious. Thus, ruining your chance to get to sleep due to anxiety.

7. Stop overthinking

Thinking about your problems at night will only lead you to stress. Therefore,  preventing you from sleeping. Don’t hold meetings after 6 PM to give your mind ample time to forget about everyday dilemmas. Also avoid checking your email, instant messengers and text messages after 7 or 8 PM as this might lead to more worries and less sleep. It’s best to think about things such as a movie you recently watched or other interests.

8. Lay down in your bed

If all the previously stated tips are not working for you, just lay down in your bed until you fall asleep. At least your body is already resting.

9. Shower or bathe

Feeling fresh before going to sleep will help you fall asleep faster.

10. PRAY

Talking to God is the most important thing you can do before going to bed.

On the topic, Dr. Willie Ong firmly disagrees with the idea of using sleeping pills.  According to him, it will only make you dependent. Although he does suggest the use of Vitamin B Complex to help you relax.


Watch the video below:

Kulang sa Tulog Tips Live sa Cebu – Doc Willie OngBasilica de Santo Nino1. Kailangan pagod ang katawan sa trabaho, ehersisyo.2. Huwag mag siesta sa hapon.3. Kumain ng saging at subukan ang chamomile tea sa gabi.Panoorin ang video:

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


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Source: Dr. Willie Ong

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