Dr. Willie Ong gives 10 commandments for a cleaner household and better proper hygiene

An individual’s home says a lot about his characteristics as a person. If you keep your household neat and clean, it shows discipline and good manners. The same also goes for personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Today, Dr. Willie Ong will show us several tips to maintain a healthy household and a proper personal hygiene. By simply following these ‘10 Cleanliness Commandments,’ you will surely avoid contacting infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, colds, and diarrhea.

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Right after every meal, wash the used dishes and utensils right away. Avoid leaving unwashed dishes on the sink as they could be exposed to insects and dirt.
Always wash your hands before, after, and while preparing uncooked meat. The same also goes for your plates or storage that contain uncooked meat.
To avoid accumulating dust and dirt in your home, always sweep and mop the floor, as well as your walls and your ceiling.
Make sure to clean the outside of your home as well. Sweep your garden or backyard and remove anything that may contain stagnant water. 
If you have a hole or crack in your walls or floor, cover it immediately. This will stop insects and bugs from entering your household.
One great way to sanitize your sheets and beddings is by leaving them under the sun. This helps to get rid of bed bugs. You can also do this occasionally with your sofa or mattress.

To prevent spreading infectious pathogens, avoid spitting on the floor and always cover your nose or mouth when you sneeze. After coughing or sneezing, wash your hands right away. 
As much as possible, avoid defecating anywhere but in your restroom. If you don’t have one, you can dig a hole and defecate there—just make sure that it is far from your house and your water supply.
To maintain personal hygiene, make it a habit to shower and brush your teeth regularly. Dr. Willie Ong advises using baking soda or salt as a cheap alternative for toothpaste.
To make sure that you and your family are free from wandering mosquitoes at night, try using a mosquito net.

Now that you know, start incorporating these ‘10 Cleanliness Commandments’ to your daily routine. In no time, you will surely notice a great improvement not only in your home but in your health as well. 

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