Sleeping positions for pregnant women and types of delivery

Giving birth is one of the most exciting yet frightening events in pregnant women’s lives. As the old Filipino saying goes, when you’re giving birth, your other foot is in the grave. So many things can go wrong, especially if a woman is having difficulty delivering her baby.

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Generally, there are two ways a pregnant woman can give birth: via normal delivery or cesarean section. Since there are fewer risks involved, most women prefer normal delivery.


To give us her insights into this matter, our trusted doctors collaborated with Dr. Catherine Howard.They also used a diagram so the viewers can visualize the baby’s position inside the womb. Aside from this, they also demonstrated the best sleeping position for pregnant women and discussed when babies need to be delivered via cesarean section.


According to Dr. Howard, pregnant women are advised to lie on their left side. This way, the baby in the womb will not restrain the major blood vessels near her spine. Since these blood vessels supply blood to the baby it is best to keep them unrestricted to supply the growing baby with unrestricted oxygenated blood.  In addition, Dr. Howard also advised having three ultrasounds to ensure the baby’s health. The first in the first three months, the second in the fifth month and last on the ninth month. If you can’t afford having that many, Dr. Howard advises having your ultrasound during the fifth month since it’s the most crucial.


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For more information, check out the entire video below:


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