Take a look at these simple and easy exercises to help ease knee pain

Do you suffer from knee pain? Then this article is perfect for you. Today renowned medical expert, Dr. Willie Ong will discuss with some helpful tips and simply exercises to help ease knee pain. These easy and simple exercises are some of the few things he learned from Dr. Jeffrey Montes, an expert rehab medicine doctor.

According to the good doctor, knee pain might be caused by past injuries around the knee. These worn out tendons cause the two bones in your knee to rub against each other causing severe pain. To help ease the pain, simply follow these easy exercises and do them regularly.

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  1. Quadriceps stretch – Steady yourself in front of a wall with one leg straight and pull the other one backwards with your hand – reaching your rear. Do this on both sides for ten seconds each.  You can do this twice or thrice a day. This helps loosen your knee joints.

2. Extend your one leg straight on a chair, while you stand straight. Reach towards the extended foot and gently pull against your calf, ankle, or foot to increase the stretch.  Do this on both sides for ten seconds each.  You can do this twice or thrice a day. This helps ease the pain in your muscles.

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3. Elevate your one leg by placing it on top of a table. Bend your knees like you are doing a squat. Stretch it for 10 seconds. This loosens the tight tendons and ligaments around your knees.

4. Another simple but effective exercise is tightening your quadriceps and allowing the patella to raise. Hold the set for 10 seconds and release. Do this on both legs.

5. Doing half squats properly is essential for healthy knee joints.

6. Standing on one leg does not only gives you a good sense of balance it also helps you maintain good health.

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