This massage technique will eliminate your manas

Millions of people all over the world suffer from the swelling of the limbs or edema, a condition popularly known in the Philippines as ‘manas.’ What causes edema? Should it be a cause of concern? Today, Dr. Willie Ong will show us everything we need to know about this condition.

As the old Filipino saying goes, having manas is bad news because it’s actually a sign of impending bad luck. However, Dr. Willie Ong claimed that this condition can be explained by medical reasons. Among them are heart failure, liver problems, kidney problems, and varicose veins. It usually happens to people whose job requires immobility for a prolonged period of time, such as security guards and salesladies.


Although it rarely leads to serious health implications, having manas can cause pain and inconvenience, especially when you are working. To solve this, Dr. Willie Ong provideS several solutions that can help eliminate the numbness without having to take expensive medicinal prescriptions.

Often times, manas is accompanied by water retention, which causes the limb to look bloated. To correct this, Dr. Willie Ong showed us a special massage technique in his video which will be shown below.

First, elevate the affected feet. Then, massage the limb with an upright motion. Start at the feet and continue working your way up to the legs. Dr. Willie Ong advised using upward strokes only to help circulation. You can do this for 15 minutes for 2-3 times a day.

This massage technique will help provide relief from numb feet. According to Dr. Ong, you can expect heavy urine 2-3 hours after the massage. Furthermore, he also advised reducing one’s intake of water.

In his Facebook video, Dr. Willie Ong himself demonstrated the massage technique. Check it out below:

Manas sa Paa: Paano Tanggalin.

MABISA Ito. Tanggalin ang MANAS sa PAA (paki-Share at Tag a friend)Payo ni Doc Willie Ong1. Ang mga dahilan ng pagmanas sa paa: Sakit sa puso o Heart Failure. Ang gamutan ay pampaihi at bawasan ang tubig na iniinom. Puwede din dahil sa Sakit sa Kidney at Sakit sa Atay.2. Posible din Mag-manas dahil laging nakatayo (saleslady at guard).3. Subukan ang Special MASAHE na tinuturo ko. Gawin ng 2-3 beses maghapon. Tuloy lang ang gamot na iniinom ninyo.PANOORIN ang Video:

Posted by Doc Willie Ong on Sunday, May 13, 2018

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