Dr. Willie Ong to Filipino people: ‘Ang Mahirap, Huwag Matahin at Laitin.’

Being in the public service for 25 years, the renowned medical expert Dr. Willie Ong, our respected and beloved Doktor ng Bayan, has been aware of the plight of the marginalized people.

In the hopes of shedding light on the topic, Dr. Willie Ong encourages the Filipino people to stop shaming our poverty-stricken countrymen. After observing certain views some netizens have on social media, he wants to change the perception of others towards impoverished people.

With this in mind, Dr. Willie Ong explains the five excuses why people are hesitant to help the underprivileged people of the society.


1. Laziness

According to other people,  poverty-stricken people are lazy. However, Dr. Willie Ong has a different opinion on this subject matter. In his 25 years of public service in medical missions, he seldom wsaw a lazy poverty-stricken person.

In order to invalidate this kind of reasoning, Dr. Willie Ong reminded the people, especially the youth, not to label them as lazy and dependent people.

2. Family Planning Problems

People always blame the impoverished people for the uncontrolled growth of the population. Therefore, ignoring the idea of helping them.

According to scientific studies, families belonging to the upper class of society usually only have 3 children on average while the families belonging to the lower class of society have an average of 5 children.

So, what’s the correlation of these two scientific studies above? According to Dr. Willie Ong, the lack of education when it comes to family planning is the obvious main factor.

In order to address this worsening population problem, Dr. Willie Ong advises people to provide better education when it comes to family planning.

3. Lack of Discipline

Have you ever been to a poor man’s house? If not, Dr. Willie Ong described it as safe haven made up of scrap materials.  So, imagine the unbearable situation that these impecunious people have to experience in order to survive for a day.

Furthermore, Dr. Willie Ong firmly disagrees on the idea that these impecunious people sell medicines that they receive from the medical mission. Imagine waiting patiently for a long span of time just to receive medical assistance from the medical missions, do you think these impecunious people will waste their time and medicine for Php 50 worth of medicine just to resell it?

While there are some people who might actually involved in this activity, it’s worth mentioning that the majority of the people just want free medical assistance.

4. Dole Out

While some medical missions have hidden political agendas, Dr. Willie Ong always reminds that his medical missions are purely driven by his will to help unfortunate people.

In his 25 years of doing medical missions, Dr. Willie Ong treats his private patients and people from the medical missions fair and square.  So, labeling every medical mission as a dole out, described as a government granted funds to the unfortunate people, is invalid.

5. Teach Them. Don’t Help Them.

Dr. Willie Ong has a split opinion on the popular mantra “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” According to him, the reason why he doesn’t completely believe this is mainly because of people who think that helping out underprivileged people is worthless. Furthermore, he can’t understand the logic of not lending a hand to a beggar.


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Source: Dr. Willie Ong
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