The health benefits you can get from eating strawberries

Undoubtedly, strawberries are small red wonders of nature. Since these vessels of essential nutrients are good for you. The renowned medical expert Dr. Willie Ong, our respected and beloved Doktor ng Bayan, wants to remind people about the health benefits of eating strawberries.

Take time to read this important information that you need to know about strawberries and their health benefits!

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1. Strawberries are good for a healthy diet

Do you want your weight transformation journey to be healthier? You can use strawberries as a healthy alternative. Instead of adding mangoes to your healthy diet, try replacing these fruits with strawberries. As previously mentioned by Dr. Willie Ong in other health articles, a medium-sized mango contains 207 calories while a cup of strawberries only has 49 calories.

Just an important reminder, don’t add too much milk and sugar while eating strawberries because that will add to the calorie count.

2. Strawberries are good for heart health and blood circulation

When it comes to taking care of your heart and blood circulation, eating strawberries have high levels of vitamin B’s, vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals, potassium, and folate. These vitamins and minerals are believed to be good for the heart and circulatory system among other health benefits.

3. Strawberries can treat different health problems

According to numerous scientific studies, consuming strawberries are believed to help prevent  arthritis, gout and anemia.

4. Strawberries are anti-oxidants

Packed with powerful anti-oxidants, eating strawberries is believed to prevent cancer and cardiovascular problems.


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Source: Dr. Willlie Ong

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